Who Can Do a Working Holiday in New Zealand?

who can do a working holiday in New Zealand

Countries that have a Working Holiday agreement with New Zealand

If you are a passport holder of one of the following countries, you can do a Working Holiday in New Zealand:

CountryAge RangeLength of StayQuota Per Year
USA18-3012 monthsUnlimited
United Kingdom18-3012-23 monthsUnlimited
Argentina18-3512 months1000
Austria18-306 months100
Belgium18-3012 monthsUnlimited
Brazil18-3012 months300
Canada18-3512-23 monthsDoesn’t state
Chile18-3512 months940
China18-3012 months1000
Croatia18-3012 months100
Czech Republic18-3512 months1200
Denmark18-3012 monthsUnlimited
Estonia18-3012 months100
Finland18-3512 monthsUnlimited
France18-3012 monthsUnlimited
Germany18-3012 monthsUnlimited
Hungary18-3512 months100
Hong Kong18-3012 months400
Ireland18-3012 monthsUnlimited
Israel18-3012 months200
Italy18-3012 monthsUnlimited
Japan18-3012 monthsUnlimited
Korea18-3012 months3000
Latvia18-3012 months100
Lithuania18-3012 months100
Luxembourg18-3012 months50
Malaysia18-306 months1150
Malta18-3012 months50
Mexico18-3012 months200
Netherlands18-3012 monthsUnlimited
Norway18-3012 monthsUnlimited
Peru18-3012 months100
Philippines18-3012 months100
Poland18-3012 months100
Portugal18-3012 months50
Singapore18-306 months200
Slovakia18-3512 months100
Slovenia18-3012 months100
Spain18-3012 months200
Sweden18-3012 monthsUnlimited
Taiwan18-3012 months600
Thailand18-3012 months100
Turkey18-3012 months100
Uruguay18-3512 months200
Vietnam18-3012 months100

As well as being from one of the above countries, to be eligible to enter New Zealand on a Working Holiday visa you must meet the NZ character requirements and have evidence of $350NZD per month for the duration of your stay.

Too old to do a Working Holiday?

If you are over 30 there are a few ways you can still get a working holiday visa in New Zealand depending on where you are from. Find out more in this article.