What Does New Zealand Have to Offer?


New Zealand or Aoteoroa (the Māori name for New Zealand) may be tucked away in the corner of the map, but this little country is brimming with magnificent scenery, a wide variety of culture, awesome locals, and great job opportunities. There are plenty of things to do in New Zealand!

Lacking in metropolitan areas outside of Auckland, if you are looking for the big-city life then New Zealand may not be your first choice over other working holiday destinations.

An Unbeatable Outdoor Lifestyle


If you are happy for life to take a slower pace during your working holiday, then New Zealand is a great option. Ever the top-choice for outdoor enthusiasts, New Zealand is packed with thousands of hiking and mountain bike trails, miles upon miles of beaches with surf spots to rival Australia, lakes to explore by kayak, and extreme sports activities all over. There is so much to do here, that a year in New Zealand will leave you feeling like you’ve only just scratched the surface, and if you are keen to get away from the well-trodden paths you will find plenty of hidden treasures in New Zealand. If you’re not feeling fit, there are many incredible scenic spots that are accessible by car – the South Island makes for one of the most impressive road trips we have done, and we’ve done a few!

A Great Food and Drinks Scene

Not such an outdoor-enthusiast? New Zealand has a great food and drinks scene where independent businesses thrive. In the major cities you won’t struggle to find a quirky cafe or bar, or a snuggly pub or micro-brewery. New Zealand is also famed for producing some of the world’s best wine, and there are heaps of options to do solo or guided winery tours by car or bike on both the North and South Island.

Plenty of Activities and Events

During our time in New Zealand, when we weren’t hiking, we got involved in arts and craft workshops, escape rooms, quiz nights, bar crawls, go-karting, bowling, and much more. Although new trends sometimes take a while to hit New Zealand, there is pretty much every kind of entertainment you’d expect from a moderately sized city (albeit often more expensive than in the States).

A Sport Loving Nation

If you’re keen on sports, Rugby is the loved sport in New Zealand, so be sure to grab yourself a ticket to a game at one of the stadiums and soak up the atmosphere! There are also plenty of local amateur sports clubs if you’re into soccer, netball, running, etc.

Friendly Locals

One of our favourite things about New Zealand that we would be remiss to mention, is the locals. Service with a genuine smile is very common here, and you will often be engaged in conversation at the supermarket checkout. Locals are usually willing to help out if you find yourself lost or in a difficult situation.

Achieve a Great Work-life Balance

The culture in general in New Zealand is very laid back, which may be a culture shock depending on where you are from. Although overtime at work isn’t unheard of, it’s a much more relaxed atomosphere with less pressure and high-expectations than in many American workplaces, and many people are out the door at 3pm on a Friday, or at least finishing up their week with a desk-beer.

And So Much More!

To find out more about what New Zealand has to offer, and where in New Zealand to live, check out our Auckland vs Wellington vs Christchurch guide.