How Much Money Do You Need to Save for a Working Holiday in New Zealand?

How Much Money Should You Save for a New Zealand Working Holiday

The amount of money you should save for a year in New Zealand depends on what you want to get out of your adventure and how much you are planning on working. You will need to save a minimum of $4200NZD if you intend to stay for the entire year as that is what is required by New Zealand Immigration, but whether you need more than that depends on your plans.

New Zealand Working Holiday Savings Calculator

working holiday savings calculator new zealand

We’ve put together a super handy New Zealand Working Holiday Savings Calculator, that will help you to know how much money you should bring to New Zealand for your working holiday. Just click the button below to access and follow the instructions on the first tab.

Working Out the Cost of a New Zealand Working Holiday

We have put together some New Zealand costs guidelines in the table below to help work out how much you should save for your working holiday. We highly recommend researching different costs for yourself though as prices for various items do fluctuate quite wildly.

To get a better idea of accommodation costs in New Zealand, we recommend using and local Facebook groups in the area you are planning on living to get a good idea of rent prices for what you are looking for.

We haven’t accounted for travel insurance due to the huge variety in prices but strongly recommend having insurance. Please do your own research on this, get some quotes, and add it into your costs.

ItemEstimated Cost (NZD)
1 Year Working Holiday Visa $245 except for US Citizens for whom it is free.
Hostel (shared room)$25 – $40 per night, per person.
Rent $130 – $250 per week (single person, shared house, bills included, location dependent).
Bond/DepositUsually 2 – 4 weeks rent cost though it is possible to find rooms that don’t require it.
Hire Car $14+ a day.
Car $1500 minimum (including at least 6 months rego and WOF).
Car Insurance$30-$50 for fully comprehensive including windscreen protection and breakdown, which we recommend.
Fuel Usually between $2.10 and $2.30 a liter.
$70-100 to fill up a small car.
GroceriesLow budget: $70 per week.
Higher budget: $110 a week.
Dining/Drinks Out$15-25 for a main course.
$9+ glass of wine.
$9+ bottle of beer.
$11+ pint of beer.
$3-5 coffee.
This is in general – you can find happy hours and deals to make this more affordable.
SIM CardUsually around:
$10 per month for 250MB
$20 per month for 1.25GB
$30 per month for 2.5GB
$40 per month for 4GB
Gym$10-20 per week for a basic unlimited gym package.
SubscriptionsMake sure you save enough to cover your regular outgoings, such as Student Loans (US Citizens), Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime, etc.
AdventuresDo some research into any adventures you want to do before starting work and cost this up.